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The Bury THB System 8 cradle phone holder is the Take&Talk cradle. The Take&Talk cradles can be installed for the THB UNI System 8. When docking, all the necessary connections are carefully and safely made between the hands-free kit and the Take&Talk cradle. As a result of the great flexibility of the UNI System 8, there are numerous advantages for the user, for example, customised cradles for all leading makes of mobile phones and the system can be continuously expanded.

If the Bury THB System 8 is installed as a full system, it will charge the phone and may mute the car radio (on compatible vehicles) when you make or receive a phone call.

The Bury THB phone cradles are suitable for the iPhone, Nokia, Blackberry, HTC, and other phones

The Bury THB phone cradles may increase phone reception if used with an optional external antenna.

Some Compatible Phone Models

  • Apple iPhone 5 (comming soon)
  • Apple iPhone 4/4s
  • Apple iPhone 3G
  • HTC Diamond
  • HTC Touch HD
  • Blackberry 8800
  • Blackberry 9000
  • Blackberry 9100
  • Blackberry 9700
  • Nokia 6120C
  • Nokia 6210 Navigator
  • Nokia E51
  • Nokia E71
  • Nokia N95
  • Nokia N96
  • also available for other models

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